Erasmus MC and High Risk Medication

Mediclabel and Erasmus MCErasmus MC uses an on-premise version of Mediclabel to label their high-risk medication and safeguard patient safety. They prepare their parenteralia, medication that’s injected, in accordance with the Safety-management system (theme ‘High Risk Medication’). This system calls for a specialized administering label, which is generated using Mediclabel.

Patient Safety

The label contains a barcode which enables the medication to be double checked by scanning it before injecting the patient. It also supports correctly registering the medication in the EPD (Electronic Patient Dossier). By using this method and specialized label, Erasmus MC, increases and secures their patient safety.

High Risk Medication

All parenteralia are automatically classified as high-risk medication and preparing them is a specialist’s job. For safety purposes, the Inspection of Healthcare has thus dictated a mandatory double check during both preparation and injection. As mentioned, the barcode on the Mediclabel label, enables the double check during administering. The label also has a designated area for the double check, making it possible to verify the double check has taken place within the blink of an eye.

The barcode mentioned is a DataMatrix symbology, making sure the required data fits on the label, without losing too much space to print vital information in text form.


Erasmus MC implements the registration of administered drugs using the Mediclabel label. They can scan the barcodes placed on the medication and subsequently check and register the administering of it to the patient in their EPD.

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